Making Your Skin Look Much Better

Here we are going to try to answer the main question of many people who can see an advert in the Internet: "What is DL?" The producer claims it to be an advanced age defying cream that has been prepared in order to maintain your beautiful look of your skin. It must contain good quality ingredients which claim to be able to help you to lighten the dark circles as well as reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

The product has an effective serum which must be completely safe for making your skin look much better. This cream claims to be based on natural ingredients which are able to hydrate your facial skin and moisture it making very soft. DL says it can be helpful not only in reducing the fine lines' appearance but also restoring your sensitive skin around your eyes. Is this formula full of 100% natural skincare ingredients?

It is high time to find out what is inside the product DL.

Here you can have the possibility to look inside the bottle.

The first problem we have faced in our research is that the manufacturer of DL hasn't provided the customers with the full ingredients' list of DL. At least, there are several of the main ingredients which can be studied here:

- SYN-AKE formula - this ingredient is used with the aim to fight aging. Some users said that it was effective for them, others didn't see any results. There is not enough research to prove that it is 100% efficient for all people. It is a synthetic form of snake venom. Is it safe to apply it to your skin? If you have sensitive skin type you'd better not try even! There a lot of users who have admitted that they experienced swelling, redness of the skin, also itching and stinging while applying the product. You should be extremely careful during the first application to be able to wait for the result and prevent possible negative effects again. This ingredient doesn't work like your skin booster. Syn-ake is a cosmetic solution which aims to provide neuron transmissions in your tissues, and if you use more than it is recommended or in the wrong combination it can lead to the prolonged problems with your facial muscles.

- Coenzyme Q10 - it is likely safe if you don't take more than 3.000 milligrams daily. The larger doses are not safe! CoQ10 can cause bleeding, affect blood sugar levels, low blood pressure. It may also have a very long list of such side effects like chest pain, sore throat, changes in attention, heartburn, night sweats, low energy, stomach pain, gas, insomnia, etc.

- Vitamins A, C, and E - these vitamins can be useful for your overall health if taken in correct proportions. However, they often cause severe allergic reaction, especially Vitamin C.

- Ceramide-2 - Ceramides may be helpful in fighting with aging problems and all conditions that are marked by abnormal skin dryness, applying a cream which contains ceramides may be efficient in improving the barrier function of your skin. But it is important to use it with definite combination and proportion not to have side effects and to get results. And here the producer doesn't reveals the whole formula with all necessary information to make a research. That is why we can't be sure that everything is ok with this product.

- Beta Glucan - Beta-glucans can be relatively safe if you are going to use them for a short-period of time. You shouldn't use more than the dosage of15 grams every day. And here again we have the problem because the dosage of the ingredients is unknown. To be sure it is not going to cause any side effects don't use it longer than 8 weeks. Otherwise, they might become the reason of spleen problems and blood clots as well as other dangerous disorders. If you are an allergic person then you should consult your doctor because many users have sensitive skin.

As we have researched the ingredients' list you can have the chance to compare it with other products at the market nowadays and choose the best one for you. DL is the product that claims too many things and does half less. There are a lot of people who admit that it caused side effects after several days of using. Here you can know what they think of DL:

"I have bought DL and started using it to improve my skin but it seemed to cause a bad allergic reaction instead of positive effect. Don't use it if you have sensitive skin!"

"To tell the truth first I liked DL because it seemed that my skin became younger. But when I stopped using it for several days the effect has quickly gone away. It might work if you don't use a day and it leads to getting used to this product. The ingredients are not completely safe to use it for years. This is the problem"

"My experience of using DL wasn't a good one because I had to stop applying it as I had a lot of side effects. The price is also not very cheap to pay for the product which ingredients haven't been proved by some trustworthy medical research. I can't recommend it because I'd like to choose something cheaper and more effective than this product"

DL can be bought at the official website where you are offered an expensive autoship program which is being masqueraded as a free trial.

This free trial's cost is $4.95 for shipping and handling. However, it requires you to input a valid credit card number. After submitting your order once, you will get your DL shipment within approximately 5 days. Your credit card is also pre-charged the approximate amount of $100 to ensure your ability to handle the upcoming charge.

In two weeks after your first order of DL you are going to be charged $92.53 plus tax where applicable. The same sum of money will be withdrawn each month and you will get your orders of DL. The problem is that this information is hidden in fine print at the bottom of the sales page.

In conclusion, it must be said that DL is one of those products which have a bright advertising and doesn't seem to keep its word to work so brilliantly. Moreover, it can be even unsafe to apply it for sensitive skin especially but there is nothing about any possible side effects at the producer's website. It is not as effective as the manufacturer claims according to users who haven't been satisfied with the results of using DL. It is up to you to decide whether you want to try it or not. But I'd like to recommend you to look for the cheaper product which was proven with some medical research.