Improve Brain Function

AQ is a name for the protein that has been found in some definite kind of jellyfish when it is bound to calcium ions. This jellyfish has one of the simplest nervous systems in our ecosystem. AQ which is the name of the product with the active ingredient AQ has been produced by QB. The company claims that their product won't make their users glow like the bioluminescent jellyfish but to improve their brain function as well as mild memory problems caused by aging. Can also cause erectile dysfunction, look more

Here we are going to research if this supplement is really so safe and effective as the manufacturer claims. Let's start from the ingredients' list.

Is AQ really a great and natural product or it is one more product which claims too much to be true?

The official website of AQ mentions the only one active ingredient - the AQ protein. However, there is no information about the quantity of this substance. AQ might work as a protector of neurons from ischemic cell death and regulator of intracellular calcium levels. But we don't know what dosages of AQ should be taken daily to work as it claims. AQ promises to be useful for your short term memory. And once again it is unknown how often and how much you should take it to have any visible results. The company which doesn't mention the amount of substances can't be considered to be trustworthy one.

We can suppose that AQ can be efficient only for mild impairment, but not for serious cognitive issues.

The bottle's label also mentions the following ingredients: White rice flower, salt, Magnesium stearate, Acetic acid, Disodium EDTA. But they don't play a significant role in the product's effects.

We have found interesting facts about this supplement which can influence your decision to buy it.

In recent years, the company Quincy Bioscience has been criticized by the FDA. Though the manufacturer promises that there are no negative side effects from taking Prevagen, there have been a lot of people who reported experiencing seizures, strokes, and worsening of multiple sclerosis. All these side effects are really dangerous and can be even fatal if not treated immediately. There are some other side effects including chest pains, tremors, fainting, and other symptoms which are really dangerous.

The FDA claimed that Quincy Bioscience didn't reveal the reported side effects of their supplement. Between 2008 and 2011, there have been over 1000 incidents of the negative side effects caused by the mentioned product.

Prevagen or AQ as it is called sometimes after its main ingredient is a known compound from a bioluminescent jellyfish. But the compound which the supplement contains is only its synthetic form. According to the FDA all synthetic products must be classified as drugs and not as supplements. The difference is that it should be under the strict approval requirement of the FDA.

Let's have a closer look at the negative side effects caused by the product. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.has demonstrated evidence of serious side-effects and said that Prevagen must be regulated as a drug. It means you should consult your doctor before taking a decision to buy Prevagen. So called "brain vitamin" has turned out to be a dangerous product with a long list of dissatisfied users who admitted serious side effects.

The company failed to follow drug labeling and marketing regulations. The safety of Prevagen hasn't been proven before offering it to the public. According to the manufacturer there can be serious side effects. But it seems to be a scam because the product can't be called natural because AQ is artificially grown in the laboratory. On its own it can't be effective for solving cognitive problems in people. Moreover, the dosage of the product remains under a big question.

You can't be protected from any side effects of the product made artificially. There is no information about its effect on cardiac or muscular systems.

You also should be careful taking it with other prescription medications.

Prevagen is the supplement with protein (aq) and proteins can't pass through your intestinal tract before breaking down to the amino acids. Does Prevagen enter human's body not having this transformation? If it is so then it has the high risk of allergic reaction thought it claims to be non-toxic.

"I have used AQ not for a long time and experienced bad side effects like seizure disorder. Some of my friends who were taking this product together with me had swelling of their legs after using Prevagen. That's why I agree with the FDA that it must be checked and approved first before being sold to people!"

"As for me AQ didn't work at all. I can't say that I had any serious side effects but I had headaches and an allergic reaction after which I decided not to continue using it"

"I have chosen AQ because I thought it was natural in comparison with similar products of the same group of brain boosters. However, I was disappointed when I found out that it wasn't approved by the FDA. I didn't get any visible results. Moreover it can be unsafe and this is the reason I can't recommend this supplement"

The product can be found almost everywhere. You can look for it at such online stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, GNC, etc. You can also purchase it at the official website which sells the supplement for $45 with $6 for the standard shipping.

It is well-known that nowadays companies like exaggerating the effectiveness of their products and forgetting to mention possible side effects not to scare their customers. This is a way to boost sales. And as we can see the situation with our supplement is exactly the same. It can't be recommended as a safe and efficient product because it hasn't been approved by the FDA. And as a result there are dangerous side effects which haven't been revealed by the manufacturer. There are a lot of dissatisfied users of AQ. It is better to consult your doctor before taking a risk of having negative side effects which have been reported by the FDA.