Arctic cold wraps are meant for people who suffer from arthritis, strains, muscle pains, sprains, bruises, or repetitive motion injuries. They are able to absorb heat energy from the human body. This heat then removed leaves the body by means of evaporation. The manufacturer of the wraps has the same name Arctic LLC. The company does not state its address on the official website, so I had to make my own research and I found out that they are located on 200 Schell Lane Ste 204; Phoenixville PA 19460 918, USA. The official website of the product is badly made and lacks a lot of crucial information, for example, possible side effects of using the wraps, their constituents, etc. It means that the producer doesn't really care about the health of their customers. Even though the wraps are applied to the skin, they can be harmful in some cases.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer of Arctic cold wraps does not mention what are the ingredients of those issues, but it is very important for many reasons. Some people may have an allergy to certain substances, while others may not tolerate these or those compounds. The manufacturer promises that the wraps can absorb heat energy from the body which is further evaporated from the surface of the skin and provides cold therapy for a few hours.

According to the manufacturer, those wraps perform two main functions - they provide compression and cryotherapy. Both tasks are meant to reduce swelling and pain. Arctic wraps do not require any tape or clips for application. They can be tightly fixed by themselves. The wraps can be used before, during and after workouts. They don't have odor, don't contain menthol, medications, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, paraffins, petrolatum, DEA, mineral oil, or alcohol. For me it is still a secret what is the soaking of the wraps. Is it safe and effective to use? We need to answer these questions further in this review.

The Arctic Wraps can be safely worn for several hours. The same wrap can be reused for several times, but you need to follow the directions on the package. According to one website, one wrap can be reused up to five times. You will need to add a little bit of water to the special container. Then shake it around, so that the cooling gel could reactivate. The manufacturer mentions that the fabric is a blend of lycra and cotton. As a specialist, I can say that it is not the best material for wraps which will be covering your skin for several hours. The skin simply cannot breathe under such a layer. Fortunately, Arctic wraps contain no latex.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not tell anything about possible side effects or allergic reactions in association with the usage of Arctic Wraps. Fortunately, the users of these wraps managed to share their experience of using them with us. We will look at their testimonials further, but personally I think that Arctic Wraps cannot fight the problem you have - be it an injury, arthritis, muscle pain or a strain, a sprain or a bruise. You need to remove the cause of the problem and then you will not need to mask the discomfort or pain with the help of these wraps. I am very concerned that the manufacturer does not disclose at least the main ingredient of the soaking of the wraps. To better understand what adverse reactions the wraps may have or whether they work at all, let us have a look at several customers' reviews.

"I don't know why but my Arctic Wraps have too much ice on them. It makes them very difficult to use. It is a real challenge for me to locate the wrap in the necessary position. The drawback is that its fabric is is soaked with odd-feeling gel which can often slough off when you wrap the issues. Be careful when you use the wraps. Do not do it on your expensive sofa or bed where you sleep, because you risk make your sofa really dirty and difficult to clean."

"The manufacturer says in the directions that the wrap has to be applied to the skin with a certain side, but I failed to find any markings on the wraps to provide a clue which side it is. I am not sure whether I am using the wraps correctly. I don't feel the effect yet. Several days ago I had an unpleasant experience. After I had a wrap on for a few hours I tried to get it off, but it stuck to itself so hard that I had to cut it off!"

"After using Arctic Wraps I found out that I was experiencing tingling in my fingers and severe headaches. I used the items for my sore foot. As soon as I stopped using the wraps, my headaches went away. I looked for the ingredients but couldn't find any, except for cotton, water, and two secret ingredients. By the way, I did not notice any positive effect."

Arctic Wraps are available on Amazon, Walgreenz, Exchange, Walmart, the Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, CVS Pharmacy and many other retail stores. Their price varies from $9.99 to $14.99. They come in two sizes: Full Size Wraps (4" x 60") cost $14.99, while Small Size Wraps (2.75" x 36") are sold at the cost of $9.99. These wraps are available in Red, Black, Blue, and Pink.

I don't think that Arctic Wraps can treat any of your problems mentioned higher. These items can only mast the pain and discomfort but not treat the issue. Besides, the wraps are associated with many drawbacks. First of all, the manufacturer doesn't inform their users of all the ingredients contained in the product. They do not provide information about possible side effects associated with the use of the items. This is a kind of expensive ice that can be just taken from the freezer any moment. Even frozen peas are cheaper but they can limit your mobility. I don't think that Arctic Wraps are a good alternative to traditional ice packs, that is why I cannot recommend them to usage.