Age Spots On Your Face

Sooner or later, you will look at yourself in the mirror and see new wrinkles or age spots on your face. Our facial skin is responsible not only for the beauty but it has a number of functions including the protective function. For this reason, our facial skin is subjected to damage first. There are certain factors that lead premature aging of the skin. Sun exposure is the main factor that determines the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and reduction of skin elasticity. Solar radiation speeds up the destruction of collagen fibers causing oxidation and damaging of the genetic skin material. Smoking makes the skin thin and reduces vitamin C levels in their blood, which is important for human skin's elasticity and youthful look.

To have nice skin you will need to stick to a high-protein diet low in in simple carbohydrates. Sugars make the connective tissue rigid and less elastic. Fruits and vegetables are also vital because they contain a lot of antioxidants which can fight the causes of sun exposure, chronic diseases, smoking, and air pollution expose us to accelerated oxidation damages in our body. Genetics may also influence the aging process of the skin. Stress tends to increase the production of cortisol and adrenaline, stress hormones. These substances suppress the normal synthesis of connective tissue, promote osteoporotic processes and damage bone density. Facial mimicry promotes the appearance of wrinkles too. For women you can apply

Another cause of premature aging is lack of sleep. The matter is that the pituitary gland works when we are sleeping. It secretes growth hormone which keeps body tissues healthy. Prolonged lack of sleep may be the reason of other pathological processes. Alcohol consumption is another factor for the damage of skin color and texture. This bad habit leads to bulged eyes, appearance of capillaries and red cheeks. Depression may cause shortening of telomeres which are responsible for the life span of cells. Depression also leads to the increase in the amount of stress hormones and accelerates the aging process in general. Many modern people turn to surgery in order to fix some signs of aging on their skin but surgery can be very harmful. Besides, it requires many months to recover and a lot of money. Speaking about injections, it is necessary to emphasize how painful they can be. There is high risk of getting an infection too. Laser treatments can be a good solution but it is extremely expensive...more

Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-Aging Serum is an anti-aging cream which promises women to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines easily. The product claims to be enough powerful to make you look younger and prettier having shiny face without any dark circles and signs of tiredness. It is well-known that there are no women who don't care about their appearance. Especially after 40, women start noticing such skin issues as wrinkles and fine lines. Aging process can't be stopped but Anti-Aging Serum & Dermend promises to make it slower, look

To find out if all these claims are true and the product works as it claims we are going to make our own research in order to be able to answer the main question which can worry all customers: "If this product worth buying or not?"

To discover how effective Anti-Aging Serum can be we will look at the list of its ingredients...more


Arctic cold wraps are meant for people who suffer from arthritis, strains, muscle pains, sprains, bruises, or repetitive motion injuries. They are able to absorb heat energy from the human body. This heat then removed leaves the body by means of evaporation. The manufacturer of the wraps has the same name Arctic LLC. The company does not state its address on the official website, so I had to make my own research and I found out that they are located on 200 Schell Lane Ste 204; Phoenixville PA 19460 918, USA. The official website of the product is badly made and lacks a lot of crucial information, for example, possible side effects of using the wraps, their constituents, etc. It means that the producer doesn't really care about the health of their customers. Even though the wraps are applied to the skin, they can be harmful in some cases.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer of Arctic cold wraps does not mention what are the ingredients of those issues, but it is very important for many reasons. Some people may have an allergy to certain substances, while others may not tolerate these or those compounds. The manufacturer promises that the wraps can absorb heat energy from the body which is further evaporated from the surface of the skin and provides cold therapy for a few hours.

According to the manufacturer, those wraps perform two main functions - they provide compression and cryotherapy. Both tasks are meant to reduce swelling and pain. Arctic wraps do not require any tape or clips for application. They can be tightly fixed by themselves. The wraps can be used before, during and after workouts. They don't have odor, don't contain menthol, medications, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, paraffins, petrolatum, DEA, mineral oil, or alcohol. For me it is still a secret what is the soaking of the wraps. Is it safe and effective to use? We need to answer these questions further in this review...more

Improve Brain Function

AQ is a name for the protein that has been found in some definite kind of jellyfish when it is bound to calcium ions. This jellyfish has one of the simplest nervous systems in our ecosystem. AQ which is the name of the product with the active ingredient AQ has been produced by QB. The company claims that their product won't make their users glow like the bioluminescent jellyfish but to improve their brain function as well as mild memory problems caused by aging. Can also cause erectile dysfunction, look more

Here we are going to research if this supplement is really so safe and effective as the manufacturer claims. Let's start from the ingredients' list.

Is AQ really a great and natural product or it is one more product which claims too much to be true?..more